Jumping Castle

Included in next year’s attractions is some good old-fashioned fun. We will be holding races for the kids, tunnel ball, giant bouncing balls, a handball competition, a tug of war, sack races, egg and soon races, three-legged races, as well as workshops for kids  and of course there’s Lego.   Of course there will still be some of the “old favourites”, our Cartoonist will be here, as will Chris Humphreys who is always a hit with the kids.

This year we will be holding workshops run by Bubble muffin in which they will be teaching children some of the basic cooking skills as we as a dance workshop to get them on their feet and moving to the beat.

We are also hoping to have some Classic Cars for all the motoring enthusiasts, a Carrot Cake Competition for the Mums, a Photography section which was a bit hit last year and If we can talk the schools into coming aboard a Mural Competition where Schools can compete against each other for a $500 prize.

So come on out there “on your Mark, get set, GO come and support your local show.